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Green Bitter Almonds

September 17, 2010

No one can take away my passport, they told me that much when I paid,

I carried this thought backpacking for five thousand five hundred and twenty-three /

One by one miles five thousand five hundred five hundred miles one by one mile per mile miles 500 1000 23 begin_of_the_skype_highlighting 500 1000 23 end_of_the_skype_highlighting miles 250 + 200 + 27 + 23 = 500 miles

wet and dry miles through sound waves in rhymes and light speed tides

With fellow patriots in lame caravans tied in the parallel umbilical cord knots of time

I carried this freeing thought of belonging to a greater world far away

Far far away afar away from near and close and there, afar, so afar near + close +far = far away

And I came to this land, promising, sky blue eyes liberating, just watching

Blue eyes sky blue eyes eyes blue skies + eyes + blue = H-e-a-v-e-n
All these new plants, these unknown animals,

Even the green bitter almonds in a strange analogy of one in nine,


so different to what I have known.

I have carried it here, sober, moist, the photo is rough, yellow, how much I look pale

no one can take away my passport,

Oh, sweet cane sugar, mirrored in my fading memory, I miss you, do you?

Peculiar wrinkled configurations on the tree trunk, it is not a heart,

I thought I saw a human child hide behind,

Do come to the front,

Look, my passport, can you take it away?

Do not assume you saw some of me little child,

Go tell your folks,

An alien I is visiting,

Half body me floating,

Half buried me in sand,

A pirate without his hook, a hitch-hiker without his thumb,

A thumb on a hand is a not a branch on tree without the tree as a thumb does not grow back whoever cuts it off whereas a branch on a tree always grows back larger ehm, and longer whoever does the deed.

No one can take away my passport,

Four copies of me make a whole,

Four pages left in it without a seal,

No one can take away my passport.

Four pages one picture no seal no borders recorded 1523 miles far away. And a child behind blue eyes behind a tree, all laid in order on a giant green bitter almond decaying.