About the Book

7 short stories.  7 ordinary heroes.  Who will face and kill the ferocious demons within?

Who holds the strongest weapon?  The realist or the dreamer?  Both none and both, fiction and reality are inseparable siblings, organs of the same body; it is when seahorses finally obtain voice and self-consciousness, only to see their host dead.    Yet when a man tragically loses his life, another fights against a fig tree that has sexually dominated him all through his life.  A short story never ends…

Or might it be the ingenious girl who, with a discovery in hand should decide about her professional orientation, yet constantly puts herself down?  The tragic mother ignorant of her own disposition or the lucky man who is self-healed from his insanity driven by both natural and technical phenomena?  The tragic lover or the dominant triplet? They are all heroes of everyday life, struggling to overcome their dazzling soliloquy.  Some of these figures fighting with the modern changes – so lovingly cajoled but simultaneously cunningly struck by the simplest technological advances.

Admittedly, during the past ten years the ever so lose strings of Fate have granted allowance both to the individual as well as to whole societies for choice and change of personal or their global future.  But who of all them will grab his or her chance?

Put together, all the pieces of the puzzling Reality that this collection of short stories may create are nothing but a “Carl Jung imagery” only to prove once again, in a brand new way, that we are all following a solid Plan called “Synchronicity”.

Christos Rodoulla Tsiailis’s short stories constitute some of the most original, contemporary art of Modern Greek Cypriot and English Literature, with great contribution to international Philosophy.


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